Towards making NERSC a primary data and service provider

Scientific Data Management (Aleksander Vines & Tor I. Olaussen)
Seminar Date: 
5. December 2017 - 11:15 - 11:45
Lecture room, Ground Floor, NERSC

Scientists at NERSC combine observations, models and data assimilation to advance the understanding of the environment, and to develop innovative solutions and services for our stakeholders. A significant amount of effort goes into generation and documentation of datasets, and both scientists and the center should receive due credit. As the size and number of datasets produced and utilized at NERSC is steadily increasing, the need for a systemised organisation of this data emerges. In addition, RCN and EU require, as a general rule, that data produced shall be published with open access. A well designed centralised data management system will simplify the data management needed to serve both internal and external use of NERSC datasets and position NERSC as a primary data and service provider.

The SDM group is therefore proposing the implementation of a Research Archive at NERSC, to promote the center as a data provider and support later development of services based on our data. The seminar will present initial ideas and benefits of assigning DOIs to our datasets, and invite participants to a dialogue on data management and dissemination.