Modeling the Turkish Straits System and using Data Assimilation as a tool for observing network design

Data Assimilation (Ali AydoÄźdu)
Seminar Date: 
28. November 2017 - 11:15 - 11:45
Cinema, Ground Floor, NERSC

A high-resolution unstructure mesh model of the Turkish Straits System (TSS) is developed. Multi-year simulations of the TSS are performed for the integral system using realistic atmospheric forcing between 2008-2013. The dynamics and circulation of the system is analyzed using a multi-year numerical simulations for the first time. The TSS, being the bridge between the Black and Mediterrean Seas, is a crucial component for the operational forecast systems of the two marginal seas. However, it is poorly observed by in-situ networks and the resolution of the satellites has always been coarse so far for data assimilation purposes. Here, we propose a Ferrybox network for the TSS, using Observing System Simulation Experiments methodology.