Surface Current Estimation from Space

Johnny A. Johannessen
Seminar Date: 
15. March 2012 - 12:30 - 13:00
Lecture room, Ground Floor, NERSC

Earth observation (EO) from space provides a unique and increasing capability to measure and monitor ocean surface currents at a variety of resolutions and time scales. While some mature techniques are already available to derive ocean surface currents (e.g. altimetry, optical feature tracking), new EO satellites (e.g. GOCE, Cryosat, SMOS) and new techniques are emerging (e.g. SAR range Doppler radial velocities, mean square slope from glitter patterns, improved geoid models) promising additional capabilities to recover ocean surface currents from operating and approved satellite missions. In this presentation these sensing techniques and retrieval methods will be addressed and considered in view of skill and capacities at NERSC. A key question is how NERSC can be prepared for a future Data User Element (DUE ) demonstration project, called GlobCurrent, that may be competitively funded by ESA for two years starting in 2013. GlobCurrent will develop new products, perform R&D for better ocean current measurements from space and demonstrate the use of new products based on the innovative use of EO satellite and in situ data.