INTAROS: Integrated Arctic Observing System – WP4: Enhance community-based observing.

Polar Acoustics and Oceanography (Lisbeth Iversen)
Seminar Date: 
1. December 2017 - 11:15 - 11:45
Lecture room, Ground Floor, NERSC

The overall objective in the INTAROS WP 4 is to enhance community-based observing for participatory research and capacity-building. There are several specific objectives in this workpackage. Task 1 will survey and analyze existing community-based observing programs, building on Report of SAON Task 9, in order to identify capabilities, ’best’ practices, and challenges in current Community-Based Monitoring Programs in the Arctic. Task 2 will advance tools for cross-fertilizing indigenous and local knowledge with scientific knowledge, and make examples of Arctic CBM manuals broadly available. Task 3 will pilot community-based observing to support local and national decision-making processes in Svalbard, Greenland, Canada and eventually Russia, and other countries if possible. The task is to pilot both existing and new CBM tools, and enter data into existing databases. This work is going on now. Task 4 will develop a model of how community-based observing can cross-fertilize w/ scientist-executed observing and demonstrate use of the model. The task will develop the model, discuss and validate the model, and enter data from pilot areas into international databases, using the model in practice. Lisbeth Iversen is working with Svalbard as a case, but is also taking part in the collaboration across the Arctic, and take part in preparations for meetings and workshops, the next to be organized in Canada in December. This August INTAROS WP 4 represented by Lisbeth Iversen, made a Field Trip to Svalbard together with the REGIMES PROJECT and students from Amalie Skram VGS. in Bergen.