The NERSC Seminars page is a self-service seminar announcement web-site. It also applies for guest researchers, as long as they have been provided a user account for the NERSC IT-system.

To register a seminar

1. After discussing it with your Reseaarch Leader, select date and time, check availability of lecture room and cinema (see calender notes below). Tuesday internal seminars 11:15-11:45 (bi-weekly), Thursdays 12:30-13:00. In case of deviations, possible conflicting dates to be aware of: Leader group meeting Monday 14-15, BCCR/GFI Seminar Monday 11:15-12, Friday lunch at NERSC

First, select the room you need according to the expected size of audience. The preferred room is the lecture room, but the cinema may be used for 30 or less people (the AV facilities are better in the lecture room).

Second, check the availability of the desired room using your calendar application. In Apple Calendar you should have a calendar named NERSC public listed in the left column. In Outlook 2016 for Windows, you'll find it listed under My Calendars. On your own NERSC webmail calendar, this can be checked by clicking on "Resources." N.B. The calendar system will not object if the room is already booked, so be sure the room is available.

Third, Book the room by adding the event to the "NERSC public" calendar in your standard calendar application. Add the room in the location field (named Add Location in Apple Calendar, To in Outlook 2016 for Windows and Where in webmail).

Fourth, check the newly entered event on the calendar. A red "X" indicates a booking conflict that will have to be resolved.

3. Sign up seminar
-Login to
-Click 'Add Seminar' [go to ], fill in fields, and save
-You are asked for two reminder times/dates; usually they should be set, for the first reminder to 6 days and for the second reminder 2 hours ahead of the seminar starting time, respectively.
-You may edit the info as often as you wish up to the given date.

Internal seminars - Tuesday

This is the bi-weekly Nansen Center internal forum for exchange of scientific results among its staff. The main purpose of these talks is to ensure that we are aware of what our colleagues are working on. Maximum 20 minutes including questions (plus 10 min coffee gathering), 11:15-11:45. The length selected when registering the talk will be enforced so that the audience can rely on the given information. Talks should also address all employees. If the presentation will only be of interest to a select few, please make this clear in the abstract.

Guest seminars - Thursday

This may also be used by internal staff if time slot is available. Maximum 30 minutes including questions. The length selected when registering the talk will be enforced so that the audience can rely on the given information.

Nansen Guest lecture and other seminars

Other seminars can of course be held other times, but take special care to check the calendar and check with your superiors.

Some technicalities

To add NERSC seminars and the meeting rooms to your Mac Calendar application, select the menu File -> New Calendar Subscription and enter the following URLs:

Please do not forget the main rule:

Anybody can give a seminar, any time!

Tuesday seminar convener: Helene Langehaug
Seminars page maintenance: Kjetil Lygre
Web-master: Lars-Gunnar Persson